West End Library

Hi there just the other day we visited the West End Library. We were not able to get a interview with them but we did get some nice pictures. It is tied for the oldest library we interveiwed. And we just hate to see it go. So please save the library. “Nick”

In the library it looked verey old so that library was vereyold they had old fans also they had historic so it wasmade in1898 years old so it may be sad to see it leave.-jake

I just hope that someone, anyone can and will have the courage, as well as the heart to put a permanent end to this annoying nightmare for this Carnegie Library Branch, on the West End of Pittsburgh, and all the others that are on the endangered species list. (Carnegie Library Branches that will be forced to close next year due to lack of funding) Because before you know it, if nobody puts a permant end to this, than every Library Branch under the Carnegie banner, forced to close or not, will have to do just that, close.-Robert


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