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West End Library

October 22, 2009

Hi there just the other day we visited the West End Library. We were not able to get a interview with them but we did get some nice pictures. It is tied for the oldest library we interveiwed. And we just hate to see it go. So please save the library. “Nick”

In the library it looked verey old so that library was vereyold they had old fans also they had historic so it wasmade in1898 years old so it may be sad to see it leave.-jake

I just hope that someone, anyone can and will have the courage, as well as the heart to put a permanent end to this annoying nightmare for this Carnegie Library Branch, on the West End of Pittsburgh, and all the others that are on the endangered species list. (Carnegie Library Branches that will be forced to close next year due to lack of funding) Because before you know it, if nobody puts a permant end to this, than every Library Branch under the Carnegie banner, forced to close or not, will have to do just that, close.-Robert


Lawrenceville Library

October 20, 2009

That library was a very old library it was there ever since 1898 so it is a very historic place so it may be very sad to see it go or closed down. -jake

This library is a very beautiful place. It is the oldest of three libraries that we have visited and yet it looks the best. And after such a long time in active service it should be a loud to run for many more years to come. The one thing that caught my eye was the three sculptures that you see right above the door. So save the library keep it up and let it run. “Nick”

To me, the Carnegie Library Branch of Lawrenceville has brought a lot of joy to a community that is going to have it’s joy be sucked away thanks to it’s closure. And i have been there only one time. But i can relate to this every single chapter of this sad story. My hometown is Braddock. It’s a town that like Lawrenceville, and most of the communities in the greater Pittsburgh area, that has thrived heavlily through it’s Carnegie Library Branch, the first in the world. And as you may know, Braddock’s mighty empire over the last quarter of a decade, has crumbled into oblivion, thanks to the steel industry doing the same within that exact same period. However, there are three major places of business that are still around to this day, that made my town what it was back in it’s hayday. They are: UPMC Braddock, (Formerly Braddock General Hospital) the US Steel Edgar Thompson Works and the Braddock Carnegie Library. And out of those three familiar and well known Braddock business establishments, UPMC Braddock, like the Lawrenceville Carnegie Library, is slated to close next year either due to lack of funding by local and state governments, or lack of caring by them. I feel that it’s a right as a proud and privileged citizen of not just Western Pennsylvania, but the United States of America, there needs to be people like me around this region, to refuse to be silent about this sickening possibilities, and decide to take the latter. By getting active on these two critical issues and telling the officials that myself and every registered voter elected to public office, or not, to try and make a gracious attempt, despite how bad, horrible, clueless and messed up this economy is, to prevent these beneficial, helpful and life-changing insitutions from shutting it’s doors forever. For if those doors are shut forever, the windows that are located in the doors of opportunities in this region and this country to grow, thrive and benefit will shut down forever. May god continue to bless, and help america through it’s lost times. -Robert


Nick’s Lawrenceville Library Interview 

Our treasures from this library:

Nick checked out Sporting News Books Presents Pro Football’s Heroes of the Hall.  Jake took out a DVD: Kung FU Panda.  Mary found The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Accounting.


October 13, 2009

After almost 50 years, this library is closing down as well just like Hazelwood. They are also very disheartened to hear that they were closing down as well. We interviewed one of the librarians at the library and she was very disappointed about the closing of the library. The community is very disappointed has well.


Computing Workshop’s Nick H.: Beechview Library Interview 

We looked for some good books on our trip to the Hazelwood Library.  Nick  found The Football Book.  Jake found Toys and Prices, 2006.

 Check out zoomable GigaPan panoramas of the Beechview Library on the GigaPan website:

Hazelwood library

October 13, 2009

Hazelwood Library

The library at Hazelwood is closing after 100 years of service.We hope that u can comment on this and as this library has been up for so long and lets keep it running for another 100 years. We interviewed the manager at the library and she was very displeased that it was closing. I mean where do they expect people to go for research for people that can’t afford books to read? So please help them stay up for longer.


Computing Workshop’s Nick H.: Hazelwood Library Interview 

Hazelwood Library 2

We looked for some good books on our trip to the Hazelwood Library.  Nick  found The College Football Book, which he can use to prepare for his sports talk show.  Mary found Best Easy Day Hikes, Pittsburgh.

 Check out zoomable GigaPan panoramas of the Hazelwood Library on the GigaPan website:

Check out our zoomable GigaPan panoramas of the Pittsburgh libraries that are closing: